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Welcome to Four Pretty Paws! We are a family-owned mobile pet grooming spa servicing the Saint Louis metro area. Schedule your appointment online or call us at 636.400.PAWS (7297). 

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As a pet stylist for Four Pretty Paws, I want to say that I've never worked for a company that offered it's employees so much validation for their work. They listen to us like our opinion is important and anytime there's a positive message or review, it's shared in a group text.They're more generous than necessary and go out of their way to insure that us groomers are happy and comfortable. I've been here for almost a year and will hopefully be here until I retire, if I ever retire. But before I started working for Four Pretty Paws, I read their reviews to see what kind of work was being put out as well. I believe that good employee productivity definitely comes from happy employees who feel that they're making a difference. And they make us feel good about working for them, always.I want other groomers to know that you won't find better employers than Colleen and Brian. They're really good people and they take great care of us.
Cassie M.
We could not be happier with our experience with Four Pretty Paws! Casey came to our house and talked to us about what our pup needed and listened to what we wanted. Our dog, Mila, loved her and was comfortable with her.We have tried taking our dog to inexpensive groomers, we have tried doing it ourselves, we have tried other nice groomers, not anymore. So long as we can get an appointment we will be regulars now!You get what you pay for, and they are worth every penny.Thank you Four Pretty Paws Team!
Joe H.
This was the best experienice for Maddiecakes. The groomer was great and Maddie returned to the house calm and happy. Maddie had a terrible experience the last time I took her to a groomer. Four Paws Mobile was wonderful. I love the convenience also, as I work from home and care for my ill father.
Mardi M.
Can’t say enough good things about this company and the service they provide. Alan did a great job with our two young, and still excitable, doodles. Let’s face it, we doodle parents have lots of different preferences for the “look” we want our pups to have. Alan nailed my preferred aesthetic and pups came back handsome and happy!
Kelly Millman W.
We have a 15 year old kitty who required grooming for the first time in his life. Stacy from Four Pretty Paws was exceptional!!!!!

She did an exceptional job, he wasn't traumatized, he looks fabulous and she was so professional and patient with him. We will certainly utilize your services in the future and HIGHLY recommend Four Pretty Paws for your pets grooming needs.
Cathy Creighton K.
We love the convenience of mobile grooming! My dog is always nervous but Kat is wonderful with her!! She is very attentive to details and reports back on things she observed. Her grooms look beautiful and her sweet nature helps put my fur baby at ease!
Luna S.
I was really happy with the job Sarah (red head) did with Kip. She took the time to meet him, hear what I wanted & he looked fabulous when the job was done.The convenience for me is super important. I have COPD & with the heat & humidity it's difficult to get out. The van was right in the driveway...nice! I wasn't getting him to the groomer. I couldn't be more pleased!Thank you!T. Thompson
We have a goldendoodle that is anxious but he loves Michelle. She is so patient and does an amazing job on her grooming. Our dog looks the best he ever has. Highly recommend Four Pretty Paws and especially Michelle. 😊
Robin T.
I am so pleased with every aspect of Four Pretty Paws! From the ease of making appointments to the spectacular care Michelle (my groomer) shows my sweet, aging, rescue pup! She really knows her breeds and the proper cuts. So my Maltese looks like a Maltese and not a Highland Terrier! I am overjoyed and recommend with confidence. It is worth the extra money! Please remember to tip your groomer!
Barefoot D.
Sarah did a great job handling my senior dog. He gave her a hard time initially but she had the best response; made me relax. He smelled and looked great. Will definitely call again.
Janet H
Karen groomed our miniature schnauzer. He is kind of a special needs dog as he was rescued from a puppy mill and is scared if everyone. She did a great job of grooming him. Thank you so much Karen.
Rebecca W.
Sarah showed up and the bond between her and our 4 legged fur baby Ellie was immediate. She gave the best cut Ellie ever had. We have been using Four Pretty Paws for a few years and could not be happier with the service provided, and especially with Sarah. We have used other mobile grooming services, but Four Pretty Paws is head and shoulders above the others and their groomers are totally pet friendly. Try will NOT be disappointed.
Stu L.
Our groomer made me and my little angel feel safe and at ease. My pup is older and has some health complications. She needs a gentle and calming touch and that’s exactly what she got. We were both treated with kindness and patience. And of course she looks adorable! Thank you.
Laura D.
Beth grooms my pyredoodle Finnegan(and has since he was 8 months old he is now almost 3) - which is not an easy task since he has a lot of hair. She does a wonderful job with him, listens to what I would like to see in his haircut, is patient with him if he has to potty during a session, and is always happy to se him!! Having her come to my home while I work is so convenient too. Both Finnegan, and I highly recommend Beth.
Tracey L.
This was our first time using a mobile groomer. The experience was awesome for us, no travel anxiety and barking. Alan did a great job with both pooches. They were comfy looked great and smelled pretty! He even alerted us to a dry skin condition and suggested salmon oil to help with that. Great job, will certainly do it again the next time!
Pat S.
Jessica was absolutely fantastic! She loved our big beagle/hound mix and made him feel at such ease in stepping up into the van. She took great care of his nails, and itchy skin...and then letting me know about having his right ear checked...she cleaned his ears!!!!!!! Awesome! He loved all over her after the grooming in our front yard! My son could not believe how well he was acting and HOW GREAT HE LOOKED & SMELLED!Thank you Maggie!!! We will use this service again!! Great team...Give Maggie a raise!!!
John F.
I love four pretty paws. They treat my puppy well ace are super friendly. You Adlai can't beat them coming to you and reducing the time your pup needs to be in a crate in the back of some shop.
Todd R.
Today is the first time we used your services, and we are very pleased. Our dog Ava has some physical health issues, and Emily just listened as I was explaining. She greeted Ava with a positive and sweet personality. I would recommend this business.
Dawn M.
Four Pretty Paws did an excellent job on my 50 lb male Aussiedoodle today! Sawyer was wonderful! He did a great job of listening to exactly what we wanted which was to shave him down for the summer but keep his tail and face longer, just cleaned up! Our dog, Briggs, looks and feels amazing. I love the convenience of them coming to you, and it being one-on-one! Will definitely be using them again!
Melissa F.
It’s too hard to type twice so I’ll paste my email I sent to Colleen, not sure if she’s the owners a manager. Either way she’s been amazing! Mep was with me from 2006-2022

It’s with the heaviest of hearts I write to you letting you know Meppin passed on March 23.
I want to Thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for being so responsible, respectful and kind with my senior baby. Groomings were always scary for him and you all were amazing. Please know that I will be contacting you when I am ready for another precious pet in my life for all of my grooming needs. I am a loyal customer and I always will be singing your praises to all of my friends with fur babies, thank you for everything.
Much love and many thanks,
Cynthia C.
I chose Pretty Paws for my senior cocker spaniel who had so much anxiety going to the vet for grooming, while our groomer there was lovely, the long wait in the kennel, turned into too long of days for my senior baby to handle. I asked around and chose Pretty Paws and even though it's more than MY hair appointments, I won't go back to traditional grooming. Michelle was our first groomer, and she is very caring and sensitive to Maddie's needs. I will continue to choose her going forward. Thank you, Petty Paws for your services.
Lena D.
We love using Four Pretty Paws. Our dogs always had a lot of anxiety going to the groomer and then being kept there for hours with a lot of other dogs barking. Somehow they knew when they got in the car it was going to be a bad trip. All of the people working for this company have been super friendly and they do a great job. We just had Stacy last week and she does an exceptional job every time! It takes just over an hour from start to finish for the wash and cut. Plus you can add in extras as needed. I highly recommend this company.
Bob B.
Four Pretty Paws is the best they come. Not only do they come to your home but they instantly feel like family too. We recently lost one of our golden retrievers and Colleen and team sent a beautiful handwritten note with their condolences. It is personal touches like this that will have us coming back again and again. I can't imagine anyone else loving on and pampering my pets ❤️
Katie S.
We have an older dog with blindness, therefore very nervous in new situations and noises. We haven't been able to take her to a groomer because of this, so thought mobile grooming might help and give her some much needed TLC. From the first contact to the end of the visit, they were professional and compassionate. At no fault of the groomer, our pup couldn't tolerate the entire visit, so it was cut short. But, they were able to give her a good bath (she is now so soft) and trim her nails. I would definitely recommend this service and if we could continue, we would!
Laura B.
Contacted them yesterday for an emergency grooming for my cat and they were able to add him on today! Exceptional communication and customer service! Michelle did an amazing job with my cat! Very grateful for their service and will definitely use them again!
Courtney B.
Pretty Paws are extremely compassionate with our older dog, Lola. She is absolutely loving her grooming now and loves our pretty paws expert!! They are very professional, aware of the pets needs, and very detailed grooming styling!!!! We feel very de stressed when our furry children are in the hands of Pretty Paws. We highly endorse their work, pricing and consistency on all their services!!! If you have an older puppy, they have the best geriatric skills to help them make it through the bath and grooming. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salinas S.
First time using a mobile groomer. I loved it, my pup loved it! My dog is nail clip nervous and it has been nearly impossible for other groomers or vet to clip them all in one visit. Her vet suggested putting her to sleep for her nail clippings as a last resort. Karen was able to use a nail grind tool to all of them. She even sent me a few photos of my happy dog during her grooming. We are thrilled! Great experience! Thank you so much Karen!
I like to recommend Four Pretty Paws Mobile Pet Spa. They were wonderful with my dog Bailey. My dog is 13 years old and is a handful getting groomed. My groomer’s name is Kirsten. She is a kind and loving person!.
Arlene H.
1 hour 15” & Pretty Girl!
Michelle Ramsey B.
Our first experience with 4 PP was absolutely amazing!!! Kat was so sweet with our girls and did a beautiful job as well. It was so nice to have our babies so close and not to have to wait in kennels. Loved how fast the whole appointments were and how happy our babies were after. Would HIGHLY recommend and definitely will continue to use. Thank you.
Angela G.
My first time using Four pretty paws. Very impressed and Kelsey was awesome! I will use this service again! Highly recommend
Debbie Heine H.
We have been utilizing the services of Four Pretty Paws for almost a year. Our groomer, Kenzie has been fantastic. Ernie & Violet love her as she loves them. We could not be more pleased. Thanks Kenzie…
Dan H.
Keri the groomer I request is so good with my old dog. Keri knows my old dog can't see very well so what does Keri do she picks the dog up to put her in the van,she is amazing. Love the service so less stressful for the dog.
Julie M.
Kenzie is the BEST!! She loves our fur babies like her own and takes great care of our very nervous lab and our cranky little old lady. Four Pretty Paws has been a Godsend during the pandemic for grooming our dogs and we highly recommend them to everyone!!
Merri C.
You all are awesome. We had to reschedule a couple of times due to surgery and illness of our pup. You were extremely accommodating and it was appreciated very much. Quinn gets so excited when she sees the van pull up and the groomer come to the door. She looks and smells amazing. Thank you
Lynn E.
The groomer did an excellent job on our golden doodle! And so convenient not to have to take him anywhere. They also got us in at the last minute
marissa C.
Victoria did an absolutely AMAZING job with my two mini goldendoodles! They look and smell wonderful and she also made my anxious little guy feel calm. Would HIGHLY recommend Victoria for your grooming needs!!!
Jenny L.
I love the Mobil service. I love that my dog doesn’t have to be in a cage for hours. She use to act weird for a day or so after being groomed. Not anymore. I think she knows that she’s not leaving the driveway. I request Kenzie because I love the way she cuts her hair. I highly recommend them.
Tammy Weber M.
This was our first time using Four Pretty Paws so I wasn't sure what to expect. Sarah was our groomer who came to the door to groom our puppy. She did a fantastic job! I cannot wait to book our next appointment. This service made getting our dog groom VERY easy!
Regan C.
Casey from Four Pretty Paws came Sunday for the first time and I am SOOOO happy with her service! I have a 13 year old black lab mix who is a grooming pro and a 10 month old long haired female kitten who has only been partially groomed once. We started off with Casey calling to say she was ahead of schedule and could come early, so that was awesome. She started with my lab and he has been shedding horribly. He came back in looking great. Plus she was able to work out an incredibly dry patch in his tail that many other groomers have never been able to get rid of. Then she worked with my fiesty kitten. In her only other attempt at grooming, the groomer was only able to trim her nails and do a partial brush before giving up. Casey was able to trim nails, do a full bath, brush and sanitary trim plus give her some love. I paid for it later that night when she tried to murder me in my sleep, but she looked good while doing it 😉 Thank you Four Pretty Paws, you have definitely earned yourself a new repeat customer!
Jessica F.
keri is amazing! our loulou adores her so much. she gets so excited when she sees keri pulling up! keri is so friendly, loving and patient. she does such an amazing job too. loulou always looks so perfect after being with her. our loulou actually cries when keri drives away. everyone is so nice and friendly at four pretty paws. I highly recommend
Kimberlie Zetcher H.
Victoria is amazing with both my big labs! They smell amazing and don’t clack on the floors after visiting the mobile van! I love the convenience of not leaving and how my dogs are not kenneled waiting on a groomer!! Highly recommend
Karen H.
Four Pretty Paws does an amazing job grooming our dog every time. Stacy is so patient and caring with our nervous dog. She is also very thoughtful to not ring the doorbell during nap time. Keep up the great work!
Kimberly O.
We found Four Pretty Paws during lockdown and have loved the experiences each time!

We have a pup who hates water and getting wet. Four pretty paws have been so patient with her and loved on our babe!

Their pricing is good for a groomer who comes to your home, does all the dirty work, and loves on your pup!

Harmony came back inside wagging her tail and relaxed which has never happened before after a grooming session. I would like to shout out Kat also! She loved on harmony and was so understanding.

We will be using four pretty paws from now on! 😁
Jaclyn Wilson W.
We found Four Pretty Paws during lockdown and have loved the experiences each time!We have a pup who hates water and getting wet. Four pretty paws have been so patient with her and loved on our babe!Their pricing is good for a groomer who comes to your home, does all the dirty work, and loves on your pup!Harmony came back inside wagging her tail and relaxed which has never happened before after a grooming session. I would like to shout out Kat also! She loved on harmony and was so understanding.We will be using four pretty paws from now on! 😁
Jaclyn Wallace (Mrs. W.
Casey did so great with my Winnie! It was only her 3rd time being professionally groomed and she LOVED it and loved being with Casey. It was super convenient and such a positive experience.
Taylor E.
Karen is fabulous! My yorkie has severe anxiety. Going to the groomer used to be a traumatic experience for her - it would take days for her to recover. Today was her second appointment with Karen. Not only does she look great, she is happy and herself!
Alisa Sabacky S.
I've been using this mobile spa for 2 years. I have never had a bad experience! My groomer, Sara, is always on time, if not early- but always let's me know what's going on. She is so friendly and amazing with my dog. I always schedule for the pawsitively perfect bath, as my dog doesn't need anything else. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Cassie L.
We couldn’t be more pleased with Four Pretty Paws Pet Spa. We have been utilizing their services for several months now and the service is always consistently exceptional. We absolutely adore Keri! She is SO good with our pups. She knows how to make them feel comfortable, even our pup who has pretty significant anxiety. Her lovely personality and kind demeanor make her a joy to work with. Most importantly, our dogs always look and smell fabulous when she’s done with them! I can’t recommend Four Pretty Paws enough. The benefits of having a groomer come to your home, combined with the experience, and customer service, make them the best!
Amanda H.
My two pups were pampered today by Victoria! She did a fabulous job with my old girl, Delilah and her younger sis Blue. They don’t clack on the floor anymore and smell fabulous! I would highly recommend this service!!!
Karen K.
Pretty paws is my favorite pet groomers. It’s so easy, convenient and I love that my dog isn’t sitting in a kennel for hours. They do a fabulous job and my 3 dogs are never stressed out. They jump right in that grooming van. If you haven’t tried them you don’t know what your missing out on. They are GREAT!
Christy A.
I love Keri! She is wonderful and easy to talk to. She is so friendly and outgoing. She is super patient with my Pyrenees/Golden mix rescue that is new to all the grooming stuff. Highly recommend her!
Leah C.
My dogs love seeing Keri when she comes over and grooms my pups.. They look great and again are so happy to see her. She is very professional and does a great job!
Jim L.
Amazing service! Texts and emails with appointment reminders. Even a picture of pup halfway though service. Reasonable price
Rayanna R.
We had our first grooming appointment with Keri for our husky and cairn terrier.
I can’t express how happy she made me heart. She was SO patient with our dogs and you can SEE the love she has outpouring for animals.
Our dogs can be a little quirky but she made us feel like they were in the best hands. She took so much time and I can’t say how appreciative I am.
Can’t wait for them to see Keri again!!! She’s great!!!
Angie S.
First time using this service for a dog who hates a bath and gets so scared of going to the groomers. I have to say this was way better for him. You could see the groomer (Ashley) just loves dogs. He took to her immediately. He was all done in 40 mins and came back in the house all happy and clean - and did not have to spend time in a crate! I will definitely use again - already booked my next 2 appointments- they fill up fast
Sue S
Four Pretty Paws has completely won me over! Kelsey was punctual, communicative, and most of all took great care with both my dogs! She even let then stay in the van together for moral support while the other got groomed. She sent me texts during the process to let me know how they were doing, and they came out clean, happy, and fluffy. Will absolutely be recommending them!
Allyn A.
Perfect solution for our elderly dog. Loading our 13 year old doodle in the car and leaving him at a groomer has become traumatic for him. He was much happier, our stylist did an amazing job. I highly recommend.
A stress free experience for our dog Marrshe and ourselves. This was our 1st grooming experience with Four Pretty Paws and will be using no one else in the future. Sarah was wonderful listened to our concerns and Marrshe loved her. Thank you for doing what you do. Woof woof.
Deborah K.
Cognac had her first grooming with Sara K. this morning. As a six month old puppy, she did very well. Sara did an amazing job! Cognac looks beautiful. I will definitely schedule her for upcoming grooming appointments with Sara in the future.
Nancy Schindler M.
Kenzie did an amazing job with my Sheltie Rebel today. I am so happy with my first mobile grooming experience. Not having to leave my pup at the groomer all day is so much better for her. Rebel is happy with her experience she’s prancing around the house still. Thank you again Kenzie!
Kimberly O.
This grooming experience was so convenient and my dog was much happier to be able to not go far from home and be the sole focus of the groomer! My dog can be fearful and anxious and Kenzie did a great job of greeting my dog and making her feel comfortable. My dogs groom was amazing and she looked great! Awesome experience and will definitely be scheduling again.
Amanda F.
great service my dog was so happy with kari
Tiffany Sommers B.
Kenzie was amazing with our puppy! Thank you for the A+ service! We already scheduled next appointments! 😉
Lisa Sonderegger S.
Stacy did an amazing job on my cat! Ted looks like a million bucks! Couldn’t be happier with this company.
Matt T.
I have a dog with a “short-nose/flat face”, and her hair grows fast, so getting her hair cut very short around the 4th of July weekend was important. I called several mobile groomers and Four Pretty Paws were the only ones that came to the rescue and it didn’t take long to get her the appointment. The woman was very nice and the service is so great! Thank you and we will see you again soon!!
Dan B.
This was my 1st time using Four Pretty Paws and I'll never take my dog anywhere else. The last groomer I took him to made him so anxious that he had a small seizure. I love that I can be close by should anything happen. The groomer was amazing with him and he so willingly went to the van with her and came out looking so great and happy. For a 14 yr. old dog, you would have thought he was a puppy he was so excited.
Ellen E.
Amber did an amazing job on my dog, Scout! Scout doesn't go in a crate at home so taking him to a groomers and keeping him in a crate for hours, isn't his favorite thing in the world. We tried out Four Pretty Paws and WOW! Amber was so friendly with Scout, built a quick friendship with him in my front yard, he jumped right into her van and it only took 1.5 hours for the entire service. He got a bath, blow out, cut, nail trim, teeth brushed, etc. It is amazing how much more he enjoyed it when it was just him to groom! HIGHLY recommend this company, they are pretty booked in upcoming months but highly recommend getting on their schedule sooner than later! Worth every dollar!
Brittany B.
We have a 14-year-old bichon-mix pup whose eyesight & hearing just aren’t what they used to be. Taking her to a grooming salon with barking dogs and all the vibes that come with that has started to really stress her out. Then she had some health issues this summer that kept us from being able to get her groomed for a long time. When we were finally able to do so, I knew we’d reached the point of needing a mobile groomer. I found Four Pretty Paws online and we had our first visit yesterday. Ashley was absolutely amazing. She patiently listened while I explained all of our dog’s needs and reassured me that she wanted all the information she could get so our pup had a good experience. When she brought her back to the house the cut was perfect and our dog was bouncing around like she was young again. She even tried to follow Ashley back to the van! Couldn’t recommend them enough and will absolutely use them from here on out.
Beth S.
Karen is amazing, she is so good with our dogs and always check to see what services they may need but never pushes anything! We ❤️ this service and company!
Julie Frame J.
Ashley was wonderful! Lulu (my 13 year old Pekingese) was a little reluctant to leave without me (and go all the way out to the curb!), but Ashley quickly won her over. A little expensive, but I'm nor able to drive at the moment, so it was an easy solution for both Lulu and me. I was referred by a friend, and I'll call Four Pretty Paws again the next time I need a groomer.
Jill J.
Karen did amazing!! She was so calm and sweet allowing our dogs to get comfortable before jumping into the grooming process. She did an excellent job on our golden doodles cut. Booked another appt!
Christina Wish T.
Omg Keri is absolutely amazing. My Neo gets super excited when he sees Keri and I love every bit of it. My baby normally does not kiss people. But Keri, Keri gets all the kisses and hugs.Thank you so much for taking great care of my baby. He enjoys every bit of it.
Angelicia S.
We are so happy we found Four Pretty Paws! We had been looking for a groomer for a few weeks and everyone was booked solid for months. Four Pretty Paws was able to get both of our dogs done within a few days! When scheduling both dogs, I was able to get the first one in and then the appointment that followed was taken. I was able to call and they offered to come out before the first appointment at 8am to take care of both dogs. Kelsey did a fantastic job and we couldn't be happier! Our dogs had a great experience even though they were a bit nervous starting out.
Dan P.
This was mine and my dogs first experience with any mobile grooming service. They arrived early and provided excellent service. I will definitely recommend them to those looking for groomers with pets that have difficulty traveling.
Miranda K.
Emma did the most awesome job on Jack !! She took her time & was so very sweet !! I think Four Pretty Paws is a wonderful come to the house grooming option!! Thank you Emma, Jack is so handsome !!!
Monique E.
Four Pretty Paws did a great job with my 2 challenging doggies. I have a small terrier and a mid sized lab mix. The tech was patient and kind and my pets came out of the van smelling great and looking even better.
Jennifer Lehmann S.
My dog, Ozzie, had his first appointment today. He's plagued with allergies and super itchy skin and ears. I could tell how much relief he felt after getting groomed.

now he's prancing around like the handsome diva he is!

thank you sarah!
Maggie K.
Amanda was awesome. Very sweet and thorough. She took her time and handled Praise beautifully. Praise was so excited to have had her bath and cut! I really appreciate the convenience of the mobile grooming salon, more now than ever with the ongoing pandemic. I will definitely continue to use their services and refer them to all my pet parents!
Royal R
Daisy and her family both love her new do! Keri did an amazing job handling our old nervous girl. She seems so much happier after her haircut and spa treatment. Thanks for a wonderful experience!
Jessi S.
Maggie is always the best!! Thank you
First time using this company and could NOT be more pleased. Quick call back. Easy Scheduling. Kerri B our groomer was an absolute professional, easily clipping our dogs long nails. The summer trim down cut was perfect. Do not hesitate to book an appointment!
Coco badly need grooming and we’re super lucky to get a last minute appointment with the PROS. She’s now looking so beagle chic❤️❤️❤️ thanks so much Ashley and Colleen. Four Pretty Paws are the best 💫
MJhoan V. M.
My dog fell in love with her stylist. They are very professional and I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer.
Jenny A.
My Boomer was groomed for the first time yesterday and I am thrilled on how beautiful he looks! Thank you Ashley so much for his wonderful cut!
Michelle Dugan R.
Sarah K. knows exactly how to freshen up Gus!! Before getting in the spa, he acts as if he doesn’t want to go, but once the door closes, he kisses Sarah the entire time🐶! He’s sad when his pampering is over.
Sarah K. is always punctual and so friendly. This is a fabulous small business!!
Abbey F.
This was my first time using Four Pretty Paws with our newly rescued dog and I am so happy. Ashley was amazing! Our pup is a shy guy who gets scared easily, and he did wonderful with her. I will definitely be using them again!
Lauren B.
Perfect doodle cut by Ashley!
Kylie Jo M.
I cannot say enough good things about Four Pretty Paws! Our older cat, Jasper, is part Maine Coon and so you can imagine how poofy and delight he is - he is gorgeous. As he has gotten older it is harder for him to groom his hind areas. Add to that he is very skittish and runs from the room if you drop a sock on the floor. I thought it would be a disaster. Oh, no! Far from it! Our groomer arrived right on time. She took Jasper into the van and he came back with a beautiful lion cut. We asked how he was and she told us he did very well. She has a skittish cat as well and knew exactly how to handle him. We were amazed! We now always request her as our groomer. We now have a set appointment and we are so happy with the results.
Michael B.
I just tried Pretty Paws for the first time and couldn’t be more pleased. The groomers name was Sarah. I felt comfortable with Sarah right away. She was very professional and friendly to me and my dogs. Highly recommend giving this a try for your next pet grooming.
Pam F.
I had a puppy groomed, Blu is 7 months old and has developed skin problems. They did an amazing job! He was scared at first but, did very good with his first grooming experience! Very happy and will use them for all my other pups!
Cheryl Holladay-Wesley B.
We just tried Four Pretty Paws for the first time after our VERY high anxiety dog Benny was unable to be groomed in two previous tries elsewhere. As of now, I consider Ashley and Four Pretty Paws heroes because Benny looks absolutely amazing! We are so thankful for them and can sleep easier at night knowing we have an incredible groomer for all of our future doggy haircut needs!
Paul B.
We just tried Four Pretty Paws for the first time after our VERY high anxiety dog Benny was unable to be groomed in two previous tries elsewhere. As of now, I consider Ashley and Four Pretty Paws heroes because Benny looks absolutely amazing! We are so thankful for them and can sleep easier at night knowing we have an incredible groomer for all of our future doggy haircut needs!
Paul B.
Wonderful experience! This was our puppy’s first grooming and Maggie did a great job explaining everything to us and taking care to make it a good experience for our baby. Also, can’t beat the convenience. Arrived right on time!
Kristi N.
Friendly, wonderful with our pets, super convenient!
Alli K.
The convenience of having someone come to your home was great. The young lady who worked on our fur baby was kind and you could tell she loved dogs. She did a great job. I would recommend Four Pretty Paws to anyone.
Jean H.
Today was the first time I had either of my girls groomed. They are shelties we rescued and they're both quite shy. Sarah was wonderful! She was kind and gentle and obviously enjoyed working with them. And having them only out long enough to be groomed and right back in the house was great. I'm a fan and will be singing their praises to everyone!!
Holly B.
Sarah, the groomer went down to my dog’s level when meeting her to get her confidence before taking her to the van for her appointment. She let me know that she had read the file on Daisy and knew what to expect about her.
Catherine H.
Paws down THE BEST grooming experience of Riley Roo’s 14 years!! Her THICK Husky undercoat was no match for Keri!! She is soo soft and shiny, she looks 10 years younger!! Keri was so excellent with her!! Thank you so much!! 🙂
Lori Tockstein G.
Maggie with Four Pretty Paws took such good care of our shepherd mix yesterday. He is 12, with his health starting to decline, and Maggie was so sweet and gentle with him. Quincy’s fur and skin look great, and he seemed happy. I highly recommend Four Pretty Paws for any dog and family. Wonderful service and wonderful family business!
Courtney Wheeler K.
They do a great job. Groomer seems genuinely concerned with our dogs. A lot less stressful then loading up onto our car and driving to a groomerfor our older lab who has hip issues
Kathy V.
We've been using Four Pretty Paws Mobile for a year now. Every experience has been absolutely wonderful. Pleasant groomers. Great cuts. Great nail grinds.
Vanessa R.
First time using Four Pretty Paws. Love the convenience of coming to the house. My 13 y/o 4.5# dog was so relaxed and she looks so beautiful and smells so pretty. Our big dog loved his bath and pampering. Sarah was friendly and professional and took such great care of my fur babies as if they were her own. Will definitely be using this service frequently.
Maria Thiessen A.
Very convenient, Professional, well priced for the services offered. Planning to use their services again.
Sandhya Y.
Love this grooming company .
Littleton R.
The groomer was super friendly and my dog looked great! It’s so convenient that they come to your house too. I have an older dog who does not like being in a cage for hours in between washing/drying/cutting etc so this is a great option for us. Would definitely recommend 👍🏼
Stephanie K.
Four pretty paws come to your house and can give your dogs baths and clip their nails. Every 6th visit is half price.
John D.
My dog Elle looks beautiful. Her haircut was clean cut & not choppy. She was so excited when she jumped out of the grooming van. I will be using Four Pretty Paws again for grooming services.
My dog Millie was groomed today by Ashley. She did absolutely amazing with my baby. At previous groomers, she has high anxiety and doesn’t like to be crated and away from home for hours on end. Millie took 2 hours to get mobile groomed today. I highly recommend Ashley and four pretty paws for your mobile grooming needs. Thank you!!
Molly D.
We had initially scheduled our two dogs for two different days, but they were kind enough to squeeze both into one day! The boys looked and and smelled beautiful! Everyone was so kind and professional and you cannot beat the convenience of having them come to your home. Excellent experience all around. Thank you!
Kimberley A.
We love this mobile grooming service! We have two doodles that require regular a regular grooming schedule. This mobile provider is easy, convenient and safe environment at the courtesy of our doorstep! We absolutely LOVE Maggie she is the best! We would highly recommend Maggie and Four Pretty Paws.
Elissa K B.
was supposed to use them almost 2 years ago, but my Daisy girl passed at the age of 16. adopted Gracie this past February at the ripe age of 12. she stresses in the care, not familiar with her past, so booking you seemed ideal. she had her spa day today and I couldn't be happier! she was a saint, the groomer did what was asked, and she looks amazing. you are my go to from here on out!
Andrew M.
Thank you for doing such a great job with our big girl River!
She seemed to really enjoy her day at the spa!
Thank you Ashley! See you soon next time!🥰
Edie Hill B.
Maggie was absolutely fantastic! She loved our big beagle/hound mix and made him feel at such ease in stepping up into the van. She took great care of his nails, and itchy skin...and then letting me know about having his right ear checked...she cleaned his ears!!!!!!! Awesome! He loved all over her after the grooming in our front yard! My son could not believe how well he was acting and HOW GREAT HE LOOKED & SMELLED!Thank you Maggie!!! We will use this service again!! Great team...Give Maggie a raise!!!
John F.
My grand-dog, Ariel, had a wonderful makeover by Ashley! Scheduling an appointment was easy, they come to your home, puppy goes into the van with the groomer and your puppy comes out fresh and clean! Ariel looks like a new woman... in fact my 4 year old granddaughter thought she was a new 🐶 Thank you Ashley and Brian!!!
Sandy Minor Gillick L.
All 3 of our babies were very well taken care of and walked away looking amazing and smell even better! Highly recommend Four Pretty Paws
Stefanie Olson F.
Hi! I own K9 Kamp Dog Training in Foristell, Mo. We get the honor of training many doodles in the St Louis area as well as from out of state. The doodles and the families that we serve are very special to us and we go above and beyond to serve them. We love to connect them with veterinarians, groomers, etc that they need in their area. Finding a groomer that not only likes doodles, but also loves their owners and grooms them well is not easy. But we found that in Ashley! She gets rave reviews in the doodle community and our clients are so thrilled with her work. Thank you thank you thank you for providing Ashley for loving the dog that many dog professionals don’t. Thank you for loving their families. Thank you for educating them and encouraging them and loving them.
Carrie G.
Ashley Marie is the master Doodle groomer!! She listens to how you want the cut since doodles are different coats and they always come out the most floofy and handsome doods around!

Thank you!
Shannon M.
This was absolutely the best cut my dog Molly has received in all of St. Louis!
Whitney M. R.
Ashley is the BEST! Our doodle adores her and she does such a great job with him.
Ryenn M.
We had our first appointment with Jennifer yesterday and she was patient and kind as I explained some anxiety my doodle had from other grooming experiences. The only issue we had was that my kitty ignored the dog the rest of the day because she didn’t recognize him! 😉

We had a wonderful experience and will be booking in the future!
Becky Clemens K.
Ashley does such a great job with my Scout
Colleen S.
Ashley did a fantastic job with Fin, our goldendoodle! We will be booking with her again!
Lindsey S.
I normally bathe and take care of my two boxers on my own. This year I did not want to fight getting them into a bath tub. I was nervous handing my precious pups off to someone else other than me. Jennifer was amazing and they instantly loved her. They smell and look amazing. Thank you so much Jennifer!!!
Maria F.
First time customer. Great job, I’ll be calling them again. The pic on the deck is before. The others are after. And she’s not shedding anymore!
Hildi R.
Jennifer is awesome with my Dixie Mae. Love this company! You should go nationwide.
Wendy W.
Katie was very nice yesterday grooming both of my dogs each girl that has been here ever since we started using four Pretty Paws have been great I think this is our fifth or sixth time we have used them. We will continue to use this very convenient service that you offer.
Tiffany K.
Amanda took care of both my dogs yesterday. The big one's basically a walking ball of never-ending loose hair who'd last seen a groomer in January. She left him 10 pounds lighter and five years younger. Just kidding, but wow, what a difference. Both my guys feel and look so fresh. Already made my next appointments. I don't know how this company works - if Amanda is an employee, contactor, owner...? But she's amazing.
Sam M.
My three mutts are quite the handful! They are hairy, smelly, dirt-loving dogs who make a huge fuss over basic grooming regimens. FPP is SO wonderful with them! True dog lovers. They make them look and smell like they’re pups with class instead of the pack of (lovable) misfits they are! They tailor the experience to meet each dogs very specific needs which is a huge sigh of relief. We have allergies/issues galore over here! Stacy has been our groomer and I can’t say enough how lovely she is. She does a great job and has the patience of a saint.
Paige H.
We just had our first experience and it was a great one! We’ve been going to another groomer for over a year and no one there could get the exact cut we’re looking for. Ashley, with Four Pretty Paws Mobile Spa, nailed it perfectly on her first visit with our golden doodle. It’s the best cut she’s ever had, in less time, for the same price. We could tell our pup really enjoyed her time with Ashley, too, by the way she was comfortable around her once they were done, and showering her with kisses and demanding more attention. We will definitely use them again, and be requesting Ashley.
Nicole A.
We just had our first experience and it was a great one! We’ve been going to another groomer for over a year and no one there could get the exact cut we’re looking for. Ashley, with Four Pretty Paws Mobile Spa, nailed it perfectly on her first visit with our golden doodle. It’s the best cut she’s ever had, in less time, for the same price. We could tell our pup really enjoyed her time with Ashley, too, by the way she was comfortable around her once they were done, and showering her with kisses and demanding more attention. We will definitely use them again, and be requesting Ashley.
Nicole A.
We had a wonderful experience with Four Pretty Paws. Both of our dogs are highly anxious and do not enjoy getting groomed. Karen made the experience wonderful for them and they look great. We already booked our next appointment. Thank you Karen!!!
Emily R.
We had our first grooming appointment yesterday and it was fantastic!
Elizabeth E.
First time experience with Four Pretty Paws and they knocked it out of the park. My Fynnigan is so handsome now, thank you very much!!! Highly recommend!😁
Katy Baker B.
Our black lab just loved getting so much love and attention, as well as being washed and pampered!! Maggie was so good with him!!!! Thanks!! So glad I found your company! Will be using all the time!
Mary Wilson S.
We highly recommend Four Pretty Paws. We chose a mobile grooming service because our Australian Shepherd got extremely stressed out when we took her anywhere.
Michele Treacy took care of her and honestly it's the best she has ever looked! Very professional and super friendly. She went out of her way to make Scout feel comfortable. Excellent experience! 😃
Ann Belfonte M.
Karen is the cat whisperer of Four Pretty Paws. She knows what’s she’s doing and my old lady cat, Princess, loves her! Is FPP expensive? Yes, but the service and the employees are worth every dollar!
Robin D.
I highly recommend Four Pretty Paws! Amanda was awesome and our Codi looked so pretty when she was done. You can’t beat the convenience of this mobile pet spa!
Ashley S.
Professional and friendly. Sometimes their scheduling is shuffled around a bit, but typically we work things out. Excellent experiences so far! Highly recommend.
Amanda Earl C.
Very responsive to emails. Scheduling was easy. Showed up on time and stayed in touch via text and phone. The groomer (Katie) was great. She listed to what we wanted, and the cut was perfect. Very nice people. I'd highly recommend.
Chris C.
Jennifer was very nice and sweet with our Rory! Rory came out looking and smelling great!
Connie Martin C.
The dogs love Karen. Awesome service
Denise Hobbs C.
Great Groomer - Prompt and very attentive to our Dog -Louie
Jerry R.
Wow. Just wow. I had a pretty bad experience with my doods first drop off at a groomers, which I didn’t end up leaving him there to get groomed, so I turned to the STL goldendoodle page for suggestions. So so so many people recommended four pretty paws, so I went ahead and scheduled an appointment! Yesterday my dood was groomed and boy of boy does he look spiffy! Katie was the groomer and she did a fantastic job! My dood was a little hesitant (well, very) to get into the truck. I have problems with him getting into my car to begin with, but she said he ended up doing great after warming up to everything fairly quickly. I’m so so so happy how he tuned out! He’s so handsome! Will DEFINITELY be scheduling my next grooming session with Katie in the near future!
Molly H.
Excellent care and service and Jennifer was super friendly! Will use regularly from here on out!
Michelle W.
I was super surprised at how well they were with my kitty! she did so well and wasn't too stressed!
Deanna O.
Michelle was wonderful! Daisy is scared of new people, she was so sweet and took her time with her. Other groomers wanted to totally shave her, Michelle left her fluffy and cute and perfectly dematted! Michelle did a great job, will definitely use her again! Thanks! I highly recommend them!
Lisa M.
Jennifer is awesome! I have one tough puppy! she took really good care of him and spent a minute to get to know him before and after. we look forward to her coming back! No stress on the pooch!
Diana N.
Convenient, excellent groomers, always pleased with the outcome
Beatrice Morrison C.
Our Pippa loved her spa afternoon with Four Pretty Paws! What a treat to have a service like this come to your home... we both felt pampered 😉🐶
Yvonne T.
They are very good with my pets.
Barb D.
Our dog hated when we took her to get her nails trimmed at the pet store. So much activity around made her nervous. But with Four Pretty Paws she LOVES it! Jennifer is great and our dog loves her! Highly recommend!
Ann H.
We have a F1 Goldendoodle and taking him to the local Dog cutter, he would be returned shaved. They treated us poorly and charged over $100 each time. I heard of 4 Pretty Paws and called on a Sunday. Spoke to a very nice Man and set the appointment up for the next day. Michelle was our groomer and she arrived early and excited to give our doodle a spa type of day in our own driveway! She spent hours on him and when she came back in.... we were amazed. She took an inch off and he looks amazing. Not shaved but cut and groomed along with all teethe had been brushed. We will never go anywhere else and for the same price to have our dog groomed in our front drive was awesome! Best experience ever! Thank you Michelle.
Todd M.
Super easy and convenient. The scheduling process was simple and done over FPP's website. The groomer kept me informed the morning of my appointment and even notified me when an earlier opening was available (which worked even better for me). The groomer was great! She did an awesome job and gave me some helpful tips in the upkeep of my dog. I finally found a regular groomer for my pup and will use FPP again!
Mark G.
My dog is very afraid of most things and hates getting groomed but he seem to do OK with Michelle. And he looks great
Cyndi S.
Excellent service, convenient, and extremely reliable. The groomers are super sweet too!
Anna L.
TL;DR - Not only do my dogs absolutely love FPP, but they do an amazing and thorough job (leagues above other groomers). If you're in the North Service Area, I HIGHLY recommend Amanda. She is a top-notch groomer with a gentle touch for any dog who is hesitant about the grooming process.I rely on Four Pretty Paws for all my pet grooming needs. I've had mixed experiences with other groomers in the past, and I drew the line when I saw a literal tear fall from my eldest dog's eye when I walked in for an early pickup. I had their first appointments with Amanda (North Service Area) around September 2019, and just had another yesterday for my smallest dog whose hair grows like crazy. We were lucky enough to have Amanda both times, and when my eldest dog saw her, he actually ran out of the house to greet her with a ton of love and kisses, which absolutely melted my heart. I have to say, I was nervous about having my littlest and newest puppy groomed because she can be a bit of a handful, and this would be the first time she's ever had her hair cut (not just bathed). After yesterday's appointment, nay, transformation, she came home smelling, looking, and feeling absolutely glorious. Afterwards, Amanda even sent me before, during, and after pictures, which is above and beyond in my opinion, and also instilled a ton of confidence that this is and will be the only grooming service I can rely on for my future grooming visits.
Alana C.
Jennifer is great with my 3 dogs . They took a liking to her immediately. Awesome service right at your front door and my pups don’t have to be locked up in a kennel waiting for me to pick them up . No stress for me driving with three dogs in car . Love the service !
Lynn S.
Excellent service awesome groomer!
Joe A.
Katie did an awesome job with our very vocal German shepherd, most people would be scared and would run , but Katie didn't show no fear and treated him like he was her's, i highly recommend Four Pretty Paws!
Ron P.
Jennifer was incredibly kind and took such great care of our girl! I cannot recommend her enough! Our dog Layla is going through chemo and Jennifer spent extra time with her to make sure she was treated just right.
Lynn K.
Very professional, convenient, quick service.
Laura Miles M.
My rescue dog 12 yrs is to the point she will not get in the car. So I have to call to have someone come to my pet. I called Four Pretty Paws.The come within 24 hours of your call. They will fit you in depending on what location they are headed. She is not afraid of the groomers. They are all so gentle with her. She loves to get baths from them too!. And I get her nails done They are very Professional ..and I am very satisfied with their Professional concern for my pet. I would highly recommend them for you to care for your pets.They know animals...and they know what they are doing.Give them a try!
Dorothy C.
I highly recommend Four Pretty Paws. Amanda is so great with my Goldendoodle!! We had some very bad groomer experiences before finding her. My dog is so stubborn and she is so patient with her. It’s truly stress free having the service come to our house.
Jackie Gardner W.
My 2 cockapoos have had increased anxiety as they have aged and they love Katie and do not get distressed or overwhelmed in the van. I love Katie's attention to their care in providing the cut that I ask for as well as comforting the dogs and making them look great! Prices are great for curb side care and the quality of work is exceptional!
What a Wonderful Company! My Senior dog, Angel, lost her Sister this year and it left her with a lot of increased Separation Anxiety. Michelle was wonderful with our Angel and did such a great job! It is the most convenient way to get your precious pets groomed!
Kathy DePuy S.
Was very professional Did a GREAT job clipping my dogs nails. The Vet can't clip my dog's nails. She said she had NO problem clipping her nails. We definitely use again.
Marilyn S.
Katie is a magnificent groomer. She is a professional and friendly individual. My husbands dog “Baby Girl” was happy after her session. Katie groomed “Baby Girl” to our specifications. We highly recommend Four Pretty Paws Mobile Service to all who are looking for an on-site experience. It will be a welcoming grooming that provided a less stress alternative for you and mostly for your dog.
Patricia H.

– Meet our Furry Friends –

Congrats to our pet stylist, Tori! She and her husband welcomed baby Brandon into the world yesterday! He joins a big sister and big brother and we think he’s pawsitively perfect! #stlpets #stlmobilepetspa #pawsitivelyperfect ...

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We are SO very excited to be moving to a new scheduling software! This new platform will create a better experience for our clients as well as our groomers. Please be patient, as we cannot schedule or change any appointments until Thursday, April 14 at the earliest. You can call our office for more information: 636-400-7297. ...

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Happy Easter from our family to yours. ...

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Just a reminder... we will be closed tomorrow! We wish everyone a blessed Easter. ...

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💜Sisters Sadie, Ashley & Shadow🥰 ...

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IMMEDIATE OPENINGS TODAY! If you have a dog that desperately needs a spa day please text us at 636-400-7297. We have openings today in our North Central, West Central and Southwest spas!! ...

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Ellie & her little brothers Boomer & Kevin! ...

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– Why Mobile Grooming –

Taking your pet to the groomer should not require squeezing hours out of your busy schedule and putting your anxious furbaby through a stressful ordeal. There are better ways!  Below are a few of the many reasons why mobile grooming with Four Pretty Paws is the best option for you and your pet.

We were so satisfied with our services for both of our dogs.  The groomer, Jill, is so mild mannered and so loving with the dogs.  What used to be a traumatic experience for both my dogs and myself was so relaxing and a true pleasure.  We look forward to our next appointment.


The convenience of Four Pretty Paws is wonderful! The time saved is wonderful! The LACK of stress on my dog AND me is wonderful! This is by far the best dog grooming experience we have ever had. The adorable grooming van pulls up to your house, the groomer comes to your door, walks your dirty dog to the van. One hour later, the groomer rings your doorbell with your clean, beautiful, great smelling dog!