Meet the Four Pretty Paws Family

We love our Four Pretty Paws family and we know that you will, too!  Not only are they experienced groomers, but more importantly, they are a group of kind, patient, and passionate people who strive to provide the best grooming experience for pets and the people that love them.  

Amanda M.

Amanda has been grooming for over 10 years. She would consider herself the biggest dog lover you’ll ever meet! She was first introduced to grooming by a friend and realized she found her passion from day one. Amanda has recently transitioned from lead groomer to office management. Her grooming knowledge and expertise will be extremely valuable to all clients with whom she interacts on the phone and during the scheduling process. Outside of grooming, Amanda spends a lot of her time helping with animal rescue. For the past 12 years she has volunteered for multiple rescue organizations around St. Louis fostering, transporting, and working adoption events.

Karen S.

Karen is our most experienced grooming with nearly twenty years of experience. She always knew she wanted to work with animals and make people’s lives a little bit better, one dog at a time! The look on a client’s face when they see how well their fur baby looks, makes it all worth it. Never shy to try new things, Karen attacks each day with enthusiasm with the goal to make a lasting impression and memories with her family and friends.

Karen typically works in the West Central area on Sundays and Thursdays and the Southwest area on Mondays. You might also talk to her on the phone as she is also our weekend scheduling coordinator.

Stacy O.

Shortly after graduating from college over 10 years ago, Stacy found her calling in grooming.  She enjoys the creativity it takes to make each pet look his/her best and thrives in an ever-changing environment like pet grooming. She loves how each pet is unique and endearing.  When not grooming, Stacy cannot get away from her love of animals! She enjoys competing in local and national dog agility trials.  She also relishes spending time with her family, and binging TV shows while working on whatever crochet project is on her hook

Stacy typically works in the North Central area Sunday through Wednesday.

Sarah K.

With her strong desire to help dogs look and feel better, Sarah decided to become a groomer in 2016. This is a decision that has been confirmed every day since. When she is not grooming, Sarah enjoys going to the movies, the zoo, playing mini golf and most of the time just hanging out with my husband watching tv all day

Sarah typically works in the Southwest area on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Keri B.

Keri always had a strong love for animals growing up, which is why she started grooming in 2002. Right from the start, she realized how much she enjoyed making animals feel better by earning their trust and loving on them. That decision has become a lifelong passion! When she is not grooming, Keri enjoys watching movies and documentaries with her daughter, experimenting on making new meals for dinner and roller skating.

Keri typically works in the Northwest area on Wednesdays through Saturdays and the West Central area on Tuesdays.


An avid animal lover, ST started his grooming career after working in a dog hotel and admiring how the groomers helped dogs feel and look better. He jumped right in started taking classes to further his passion to help animals in need. Outside of grooming, you’ll find him on the trails. He loves being in the great outdoors and walking his own dogs.

ST typically works in the Southeast area on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Kenzie M.

Kenzie is one of the newest member of our team, but she’s been around the dog industry for quite some time. She began showing dogs in 2015, and started attending grooming seminars in 2018. She entered the grooming industry because she wanted to have a career where she could make a difference in dogs’ lives. She has worked as a pet trainer and competes in agility, disc, lure coursing, and dock diving with her Golden, Busy, who she also showed. Kenzie loves continuing her education and attends grooming seminars as often as she can. She has certifications in senior pets and skin/coats.

Kenzie typically works in the South Central area on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the South area on Saturdays .

Kelsey W.

Kelsey started her grooming career as a bather in 2016 and quickly elevated to a fully trained dog groomer shortly there after. She started grooming because of her love of dogs and her desire to help them feel and look their best. This desire to exceed expectations will serve our client well. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family by going to the zoo, water parks and trying new restaurants! So if you have a recommendation, please share it with Kelsey.

Kelsey typically works in the Southeast spa on Tuesdays and Thursdays and South Central on Sundays and Fridays.

Katarina L.

Katarina, or Kat for short, has been pampering pets since 2014. She has always loved animals and it was fate that a grooming salon was only a couple of blocks away from her house. Her favorite thing about grooming is to build trust with animals, and over time, becoming part of their family. Outside of grooming, Kat enjoys playing the ukulele, kayaking, and enjoying nature with her fur babies.

Kat typically works in the Southeast spa on Sunday, Monday and Thursdays and South spa on Wednesdays.

Michelle H.

Michelle started grooming at a very young age because she wanted to learn how to groom her own fur babies. This passion turned in a career as she has been grooming since 2004. Michelle has the longest tenure as a mobile groom compared to everyone else on the team. When she is not grooming, she spends as much time with her family as possible, hiking and going to local events.

Michelle typically works in the Southwest spa on Wednesdays, the North Central area on Thursdays and the Northeast on Fridays.

Casey B.

Casey is our newest addition to the team, but she’s been grooming for almost 13 years. She decided to launch her career because she wanted to work with animals and grooming was a path toward which she just felt pulled. She loves that grooming chose HER! When she’s not giving four-legged friends a spa day, she is focused on her human family. She loves working on houses and going four-wheeling with her kids. Anywhere outside is where she likes to be!

Casey pampers pets in the Northwest spa on Sundays and Tuesdays and the Northeast spa on Mondays.

Kirsten W.

Kirsten has been pampering pets for five years, but she has been working with dogs for over eight years. She absolutely loves making the dogs she grooms look super cute and smell amazing (she says she does NOT like her dogs all stinky!) As a mom of a crazy toddler, she doesn’t exactly have much free time, but she really enjoys exploring new places around our city.

Kirsten spends her time grooming in the West Central spa on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. She also works every other Thursday in our Northeast spa.

Victoria “Tori” W.

Although Tori has been grooming for over eight years, she has had a passion for animals since she was a little girl. She enjoys engaging with each pet that she is pampering, helping them become comfortable and leaving the grooming experience confident! It is her desire that each pet truly feels as if they are being well taken care of and pampered. When she can receive a kiss or a paw-shake, and even sneak in a few cuddles throughout each session, it makes every encounter rewarding as she builds individual bonds with each client and fur baby. Tori loves spending time with her husband and two toddlers reliving her childhood. She loves to travel and enjoys family time outside fishing and hiking.

Tori grooms on Sundays and Wednesdays in the Northeast spa; Mondays in the West Central spa; and Thursdays in the South spa.

Brian & Colleen

We had a fur baby long before we welcomed our human babies into the family. When our first furry friend, Javea, became geriatric and blind, we looked to mobile grooming to keep her clean and comfortable. After one bad experience turned into multiple bad experiences, we were frustrated. We were treated poorly, phone calls were not returned and groomers were not friendly. Now, we are excited to bring our love of pets and business expertise to Saint Louis families whose work is demanding, schedules are filled and weekends are busy. We understand how life can get crazy and, sometimes, we don’t have the hours in our schedules to keep our furry friends clean and looking dapper. That’s where we can help. We care about pets, but we also care about your time. And we’re looking to put some time back into your busy schedule. Our goal is not only great grooming, but a great customer experience.

We would love to hear from you to let us know if we are living up to your expectations or if you have any questions.  contact us.

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