COVID 19 Safety Procedures

New safety measures to protect you, your family members and our groomers:

  • NOTIFICATION: Your groomer will call or text you when she is on her way to your home. She will also call or text you when she arrives.
  • GREETING: Upon arrival, please stay behind the door holding your dog’s leash while your dog is outside the door (the purpose of this is to use the door as a barrier so that the dog won’t hide behind you, causing our groomers not to be 6 feet away).  The groomer will place a lead on your dog; then you can remove your leash and collar. 
  • RETURN: Once your pet’s spa experience is complete, your groomer will call/text you to request that you meet your pet curbside, where you will put on the collar and leash; our groomer will then remove the lead.
  • PAYMENT:  When we notify you that the grooming is complete, we will manually process credit cards over the phone. You will give your credit card number to your groomer who will make the transaction. If you are paying with cash or check, please place it into an envelope or a secure location near your door so that it can be retrieved by your groomer.
  • MINIMIZE RISK: To minimize transfer of germs, we will not provide pets with our signature bandannas.
  • SAFETY & PPE: Your groomer will be wearing gloves and masks throughout this experience and we encourage you to do the same.
  • STAY HEALTHY: If you or a family member has a fever, cold, or is generally not feeling well, please cancel your appointment and we will reschedule a time for us to pamper your furry friend.