Customer Waiver & Release of Liability

Customer, pet-owner, pet-owner agent, pet care-taker, pet care-giver, family member of pet-owner, client, etc. (herein, “Customer”) has voluntarily chosen to engage and/or use the mobile pet grooming services (the “Services”) of BPE Management Group, LLC, dba Four Pretty Paws, a Missouri limited liability company in good standing, including any and all of its owners, members, employees, agents, officers, directors, subsidiaries, parents and/or affiliated companies (collectively, “FPP”) by scheduling certain Services for Customer’s pet.   Customer expresses acknowledges that Customer understands, consents to and agrees that the Services to be rendered may be considered dangerous and/or harmful to the pet and that the performance of such Services could result in injury, wound, loss, harm, need for veterinary treatment and/or death to said pet.   Knowing, understanding and excepting the inherent dangers associated with the Services and/or that may result from the Services to be provided, including but not limited to attacks from other animals or animal fights, Customer nonetheless agrees to, accepts and desires to use FPP to perform such Services on the pet and agrees to expressly waive any and all liability against FPP in the event of any injury, harm and/or death to Customer’s pet.   CUSTOMER THEREFORE EXPRESSLY AGREES THAT FPP IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY NEGLIGENCE OF ANY KIND OR FAULT OF ANY KIND THAT MAY OCCUR IN THE PERFORMANCE AND/OR RENDERING OF THE SERVICES.  Customer therefore also expressly agrees that FPP is not liable for any injury, harm and/or death of any kind that may occur in the performance and/or rendering of the Services to Customer’s pet. Customer hereby releases from any and all liability of any kind for any harm, injury and/or death that Customer’s pet may sustain at, during and/or after the Services are provided. Customer assumes full responsibility for any harm, injury, loss and/or death that might be suffered by Customer’s pet, whether expected/unexpected or foreseeable/unforeseeable.  Customer further expressly agrees and acknowledges that Customer has read this waiver and release of liability, that Customer fully understands this waiver and release, consents to the waiver and release, was given the opportunity to ask any questions concerning the waiver and release, was provided the opportunity to decline receiving the Services, but nonetheless accepts and fully agrees with the waiver and release.  Customer further understands, consents to and agrees that Customer may not file any legal claim, lawsuit and/or bring any litigation arising out of the performance of the Services that results in any injury, harm and/or death to Customer’s pet, regardless of whether such injury, harm and/or death resulted or results from any negligence, fault or otherwise.  CUSTOMER FURTHER AGREES, CONSENTS TO, UNDERSTANDS AND ACCEPTS THAT THIS LIABILITY WAIVER AND RELEASE IS CLEAR, UNAMBIGUOUS, UNMISTAKABLE, EXPLICIT AND CONSPICUOUS.  This means Customer is aware of this liability and release waiver, understands it and accepts it; therefore, Customer expressly agrees, covenants, consents to and understands that Customer will not later in time claim that Customer was not aware of the waiver, that Customer did not read this waiver and release, and/or claim that Customer did not understand the waiver and release.  Customer further represents, warrants, states and attests that Customer is an adult capable of reading and understanding English and accepting all the terms and conditions of this waiver and release.